RESCUE – Resource-Efficient Pathways to Greenhouse-Gas-Neutrality

Webinar auf Englisch! Global climate change is triggered by the unsustainable consumption of natural resources. At the same time, modern economies are dependent on the availability and accessibility of natural resources. Driven by population growth and economic development, global use of material resources has increased tremendously in recent years and is expected to continue to grow even further. This trend puts at risk the global agreement to limit global warming to 1.5° Celsius.

This “RESCUE-study” explores six different transformation pathways towards Germany in 2050 as a greenhouse-gas (GHG) neutral and resource-efficient country in Europe, and discusses the required transformations across key sectors of the economy. One transformation path (the GreenSupreme scenario) achieves the reduction of emissions along a global 1.5 °C path towards GHG-neutrality by 2050, while at the same time substantially lowering Germany’s material footprint

With its European Green Deal the European Commission calls for deep transformations in key sectors towards a climate-neutral and resource efficient European economy. The examined transformation areas within the RESCUE-study correspond to eight out of the eleven elements of the European Green Deal and indicate concrete examples and guidance for decarbonization and more sustainable materials management within the German economy.


  • Harry Lehmann and Jürgen Landgrebe, German Environment Agency
  • Mara Marthe Kleiner, Agora Energiewende
  • Carsten Rolle, BDI The Voice of German Industries
  • Michael Bloss

Further information on the RESCUE-project are available here:

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